Outreach and Education

Let's Botanize

This community outreach series I started in collaboration with Ben Goulet-Scott focuses on providing educational content on plant biology for the general public. We use small bite-size videos and photos through social media to help bring plants into the foreground. Follow us on Instagram to see more, Let's Botanize!

OEB Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee

As a member of the Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging committee for the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, I help develop and lead programs which will create meaningful change in the department. Most recently, we established a specific 'Diversity in STEM' course-requirement for the completion of a PhD in the OEB department.

Harvard Native Plants Initiative

Working with fellow graduate students, I was awarded a grant from the Harvard Office for Sustainability to re-naturalize Harvard’s campus with native New England plant species. In collaboration with the campus design and landscape service departments, we developed biodiverse and ecologically rich green spaces on Harvard’s campus. This will help improve Harvard's environmental footprint, and increase awareness of the native New England flora and the overall ecological importance of plants. By the completion of this project in Spring of 2020, we were able to add native plantings to four campus sites.

The Evergreen School SOTM Program

This program brings together scientists from all over the world to video chat with students from the Evergreen Middle School in Everett, WA. As a resident Scientist of the Month since 2016, I engage in conversation with students about the science behind a recent paper I have published, and more importantly about the career path of a scientist.

Additional Outreach and Education

2020-recurring American Fern Society student representative

2020 Harvard Museum of Natural History Fungus Fair coordinator

2018 *Department Representative for the Graduate Student Council of Harvard University

2018 Harvard Museum of Natural History Fungus Fair coordinator

2017-recurring American Society of Plant Biologist (ASPB): Master’s in plant science Team mentor


Harvard University:

  • Biology of Fungi (Fall 2020)

  • Biology of Plants (Spring 2020)

  • Plant Diversity and Evolution (Spring 2019)

  • Biology of Fungi (Fall 2019)


Teaching Samples

Introduction to ferns for the guides of the Arnold Arboretum 2021

Introduction to flowers and fruits, OEB52 Spring Semester 2020


Harvard E3 REU:

Makaleh Smith (The New School, '21)—Project title: The evolution of fertile-sterile leaf dimorphism in two fern families

Independent Research Projects:

Skylah Reis (Harvard College, '20) —Project title: The evolution of the water transport system in an invasive fern species: Lygodium microphyllum

Paul Cervantes (Harvard College, '20)